As COVID-19 continues to spread, many homeowners in our region are looking for help disinfecting their homes to protect their families. Remediation Solutions is dedicated to helping you keep your home as safe and healthy as possible. Our Anti-Microbial fogging methods are not only an effective way to eradicate mold in your home without toxic chemicals but also an effective, safe way to kill viruses and bacteria.

Though our understanding of the COVID-19 virus is continually evolving, we believe that anti-microbial fogging is a potentially useful solution to sanitize your home or business. We know anti-microbial fogging will kill MRSA, H1N1, and many other viruses, and our product has been EPA registered to destroy the human COVID-19 coronavirus in its harshest stages. During this trying time, please reach out to Remediation Solutions for more information about measures you can take to protect your home or business from this deadly pathogen. Contact us now for more details!