Mold Testing & Inspecting

Mold has been present almost everywhere on Earth for millions of years. Any place with organic material and moisture can support mold growth. Modern medicine has learned much about the health hazards associated with mold and the danger of inhaling air containing many types of mold spores. 

Mold can find organic material to feed anywhere. The key factor in controlling mold growth and infestation inside buildings is managing moisture and humidity to avoid creating suitable environments for mold to feed and reproduce. 

Exposure to moldy and moist environments can cause a variety of adverse health effects in many people. Children, allergy sufferers, and the elderly are particularly subject to adverse reactions to mold spores. People with chronic illness or immune system deficiencies should be particularly aware of the risks associated with mold. Symptoms can range from congestion and coughing to severe allergic reactions or respiratory infections.

When there are concerns about a home or business’s mold conditions or air quality, consultation with an expert and experienced mold remediation company is the best course of action. 

Work With Local Experts

Remediation Solutions can provide an initial mold inspection in about an hour at most properties. Our inspections include visual examination for mold and conditions suitable for mold infestation. We offer a detailed and precisely written report following the inspection with a diagram of your building. We advise of any mold or conditions favorable for mold growth along with a recommended course of action for any prevention or remediation that may be needed. 

There are many occasions where home or business owners need professional mold consultation. Almost all contracts for the sale of residential real estate require disclosures from prospective sellers regarding property conditions. Known mold infestation is among the topics that require disclosure. People who are selling commercial or residential rental property are likely to need professional consultation to ensure that all mold-related conditions have been addressed and disclosed to protect against possible legal liability.

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Prospective purchasers of residential or commercial property also are likely to desire consultation before closing a sale. Contract provisions typically provide a purchaser the right to inspect the property before becoming fully committed to purchasing. Even sincere and forthcoming sellers may not know of a mold infestation or suitable conditions for mold growth on the property they are selling. Significant investments call for a thorough inspection before a sale is closed. 

Properly Remove Mold 

Third-party professionals, lenders, and governmental regulators also need mold consultation services during other construction or remediation projects or regarding due diligence and regulatory responsibilities. With the prevalence of mold-related contractual disputes and litigation in recent years, expert analysis of mold conditions is often needed for many reasons. 

When selecting a professional company to assist with mold consultation, it is important to examine a company’s reputation, experience, and contract terms. Remediation Solutions has been providing mold consultation services for over 35 years and is thoroughly familiar with mold conditions and remediation techniques prevalent throughout North Carolina. Remediation Solutions can provide a free estimate for all mold consultation needs for any home or business.