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Facts About Mold

Quick quiz. Which of these three things is most unwelcome in a home?

  1. A two-week houseguest
  2. Fish in the microwave
  3. Mold

It’s a close call, but we’re going to say mold. While the first two are unpleasant by themselves, unchecked mold can cause lasting damage to both your house and health.

Here are some facts about mold you might not already know, but should.

1) There Are Over 100,000 Species of Mold

There are over 100,000 known types of mold. Not all can make you sick, and some varieties are even used in medicine. That said, many species of mold that could be lurking in your home can be harmful. Among the most common molds found in structures include are Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Penicillium, and Stachybotrys.

2) Mold Can Start To Appear Within Just a Day Or Two

Under the right conditions, mold can begin appearing within just a couple of days after a structure experiences water damage. The three things molds thrive on are food, moisture, and a temperature roughly between 77 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Mold is particularly fond of drywall, which also tends to soak in a lot of moisture when wet.

3) Mold Can Grow Nearly Anywhere

While mold favors moist areas such as basements and bathrooms, it can also get into hidden areas such as behind walls, under stairs, and in the attic. Any place that has organic or porous surfaces to grow on are subject to mold. Non-organic surfaces such as concrete won’t attract mold, but many layers of dirt or dust on those surfaces may.

4) Mold’s Main Purpose Is Decomposition

Mold does perform a vital role in nature. Its main job is to help break down organic matter through decomposition. As such, tiny mold spores lurk everywhere—especially in your home, which is often rich with organic matter. While many molds are harmless, when mold takes hold of moist areas in your home, it can weaken or damage the structure.

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5) Bleach Isn’t Going To Help Much

When looking to get rid of mold, many people turn to bleach. While bleach will kill off live mold, it won’t do much to affect mold spores. It’s even possible for bleach and water to make mold regrow faster. The best solution for removing mold in a small area would be using a mix of water and household detergent.

6) Neither Will Painting Over It

Out of sight, out of mind, right? As tempting as it may be to paint over a mold-infested surface, it won’t help. Mold will end up eating right through the paint and then reappear. You’ll need to altogether remove any mold before applying a new coat of paint anywhere. Look for a mold-resistant type of paint to help keep it from returning.

7) Insurance May Not Be Much Help, Either

In incidents involving fire, lightning, or flood, mold remediation is often covered by many homeowner insurance policies. If the mold results from low maintenance or neglect, you likely will not be getting any assistance in its removal from your insurance company.

Don’t Delay

If you suspect you mold problem, give us a call. Remediation Solutions offers mold inspection and testing services to help you narrow down the source of your problem. We are a mold removal company you can trust to provide honest answers and workable solutions so that you can address your mold problem decisively, and we never charge a fee for the testing service.

Schedule your free mold inspection today, and see what solutions are available with Remediation Solutions. We have offices in Oak Island and Winston-Salem and can serve the communities around these cities as well.



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